An adventure awaits (2018)

2018 is the year that 2nd Sedgefield Brownies celebrates 25 years of pack holidays, that’s 25 years of taking Brownies away for the weekend and having the most fabulous fun.

This year we’re doing something a little different and going to Thrills and Skills for Life for a big adventure.

Who are Thrills and Skills for Life?

Thrills and Skills provide team building events for all ages and abilities.  They run events for primary, junior and secondary school children, including other Brownies units  too.  They have a couple of residential locations in the North East and we will be visiting one of these.

Parents/guardians – details will follow of where and when, just speak to one of the Owls.

Thrills and Skills is owned and run by Chris Hall. He is an experienced instructor and has won an MBE for his services to children’s training. This is what his team do for a living.

Have we used Thrills and Skills before?

In short, yes.  We’ve had Thrills and Skills visit one of pack holidays before.  In 2012 we held a ‘Castaway’ pack holiday and we invited Thrills and Skills to come for the day.  We had brilliant fun in the woods around Camp House and wore some great camouflage gear! You can see the photographs here and the diary here.

1st Fishburn Brownies did a similar thing last week and Thrills and Skills joined them for the day also.

1st Bishop Middleham Brownies visited Thrills and Skills last year, to the same residential centre that we are going to, and had a wonderful time. Our very own Snowy Owl (Joanne Lazonby) went on this pack holiday and can highly recommend it.

What will we be doing?

Having fun and having some big adventures.

The weekend will involve lots of team building activities including:

  • Camouflage and concealment
  • Blind Trail
  • Stretcher making and racing
  • Pass the equipment across the ravine
  • Fire making from scratch
  • Bridge Building
  • Shelter making
  • Model making

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with one of the Owls.

We will also have a parents meeting on 30th April 2018 which will give parents/guardians a chance to ask any questions.

Please visit Thrills and Skills website for more information.

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