Big Brownie Birthday Challenge

Big Brownie Birthday Challenge

In 2014 Brownies had their 100th birthday.  To celebrate our Brownies took the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge.

The challenge celebrated key milestones from the Brownies’ 100-year history with a modern twist that challenged today’s Brownies and helped them develop new skills.

There are three clauses which are based on You, Community and World, the three areas of the Brownie Adventure, to ensure girls are offered a balanced and varied programme.

You’ activities provide a Brownie the opportunity to develop her:

  • understanding of herself
  • relationships with friends
  • skills
  • confidence and personality beliefs, morals and values self-esteem and self-worth.

Community’ activities help a Brownie to understand:

  • her community
  • how to contribute to it
  • how to improve her relationships with people in her community.

World’ activities allow a Brownie to explore the wider world to develop her:

  • understanding and awareness of the world in which she lives
  • knowledge of and interest in the world
  • knowledge and understanding of World Guiding
  • enthusiasm to use her skills locally for the benefit of the wider world
  • understanding of how she can improve her world.


The Big Brownie Birthday Challenge gives Brownies an opportunity to try new activities and learn new skills, while reflecting on the last 100 years of Brownies and how guiding has changed in that time.

Using the Challenge

The Challenge is made up of 57 activities, themed around the events of 21 of the last 100 years.  Each year includes information about what happened in a that year and three challenges under the headings of You, Community and World.

Brownies should choose six activities to do as a unit – two each from You, Community and World and a compulsory Six challenge, making nine in total.

Further information can be found here.

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