Big Brownie Birthday Sleep Over

Well the Brownies are 100 years old, so we decided to celebrate with the rest of South Durham division.  And so we did!

Friday 20th June 2014

We arrived at The Northern Echo Arena in Durham at the same time as another 380 Brownies and Leaders.  It was a little chaotic to say the least.  We were shown to our ‘bedroom’ for the night and quickly realised that the Presidential Suite held not only our 18 2nd Sedgefield Brownies, but another 117 Brownies too.  Our bedroom was certainly snug.

We made our name badges (which fell off or broke at various stages over the duration of the sleepover) and went to boogie at the disco.  The great thing was that the stadium itself was open so Brownies could chose to dance the night away or sit and chat in the stands.  As you can see from the photos our Brownies chose a bit of both.  We also started our 2nd Sedgefield batique for the Sleep Over Banner.

We enjoyed a good old Brownie sing-song around the campfire and then off to bed.  Lights out by 10.30pm and we are proud to announce that our Brownies were by far the best behaved of the 135 Brownies in the Presidential Suite.  We were definitely in our sleeping bags and lying down by 10.30pm but actual sleep came much later!

Saturday 21st June 2014

Saturday morning started with packing away our sleeping bags and belongings and depositing in a holding room – more chaos as 400 Brownies try to do the same thing.  Breakfast is followed by shoulder bag decorating.  We had to wait a while for the bags and so most of our Brownies (and Little Owl) decided to keep fit by running around the pitch a couple of times.  Shoulder bags were followed by a trip around the Back in Time Zone to take a look at Brownies over the last 100 years.  Our Brownies loved trying on the old uniforms.

We headed to the Edible Zone where we decorated cakes, made cake pops and created sherbet art.  We also watched the circus entertainer and tried our hand at plate spinning, some with more success than others.

We moved to the Creative Zone to have our face or arms painted and then we watched the magician with 2 of our Brownies taking part in the show.

We ate lunch in the stands (sandwiches, crisps and fruit) sang Happy Birthday to ourselves and ate cake. Then we dashed off to the Bouncy Castle before the queues started and ate an ice-cream too.

The Dance Zone was our next port of call where we learnt a dance to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.  It took a good few attempts but we got it in the end, Brownies and Leaders alike.  The plan is to perform this dance with all other Brownies just before we leave today.

We returned to the Creative Zone and got creative.  We painted our batique for the sleepover banner which looked fabulous (see the last photo below).  We made  a whole host of crafts including reef knot badges, rosebud brooches, old badges in a frame, paper owls, butterfly pencils, promise butterflies and hair clips.

At 2.00pm we reconvened for the ‘Happy’ dance and a big thank you to everyone who had helped to organise this excellent sleepover.  By 2.30pm we had recovered our belongings and met our parents.

18 tired Brownies went home after a fabulous sleepover.  Very well organised, lots of activities and wonderful Brownies.  A great sleepover.


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