Pack Holiday 2016 – Blue Reef Sleepover

This year we decided to have a sleepover rather than a Pack Holiday.  So rather than 2 nights away we had 1 night away, in an aquarium, with the monkeys and the fish.

We can highly recommend Blue Reef, they were brilliant and looked after us really well.  We had the aquarium to ourselves all evening and over night, other than the hundreds of fish, monkeys, otters and seals.  We had a private tour of the aquarium and we learned lots and lots from our aquarist. We saw fish, we held reptiles, we made a fabulous fish craft, we watched a film while drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn and best of all we slept with monkeys and fish.

The following day we spent the morning on the beach, playing games and building sand castles. We had our lunch in the pouring rain hiding under a parachute!  ‘This is the best sleepover I have ever been on’ was heard more than once from our Brownies, rain and all.

<Double-click photos to enlarge>

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