What is the Brownie Code for safety on the web?

Brownies Code Safety on the Web

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for children. You can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other children, and play interactive games. Children who are old enough to type in a few letters on the keyboard can literally access the world.

If  you want to know more information about web safety, there are many resources for you pick up more hints and tips.



When surfing the internet, I promise that…


      • I will follow my parent(s)/guardian(s) “rules” for me using a computer, and the World Wide Web.
      • I will not give my address or telephone number without permission.
      • I will not give my school’s name or address without permission.
      • I will say ‘No’ if anyone who I’ve met on the World Wide Web wants to meet me, unless my parent(s)/guardian(s) have agreed and will go with me.
      • I won’t put my photograph with my name on a web site.
      • I will tell my parent(s)/guardian(s) or a teacher if I discover something on the World Wide Web which worries or upsets me.


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