Canada (2011)

This year was a very exciting year as not only had we invited 1st Sedgefield Brownies to come and celebrate Thinking Day with us, but we also had 3 new Brownies join our Pack, a very brave night to have as your first night!

Each pack chose a country to learn about and bring some information to share on the night.  We chose Canada and 1st Sedgefield chose Austrailia.

We got into our circle, much bigger this time as there were 35 of us! Some of the Brownies had bought in things from the countries and we discussed what we knew about the countires and their Brownies.

We then made some crafts, for Canada we coloured in maple leaves and stuck the Canadian Brownies promise and law on the leaf.  For Austrailia we made boomerangs that we decorated.

To finish our night, we sat in a big circle with the Australia and Canada posters in the middle with tea lights.  We all made our Thinking Day candles – marshmallows with half a polo as the handle and sweetie stick as the candle.  We then sang This Little Guiding Light of Mine.

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