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Big Brownie Birthday Challenge
In 2014 Brownies had their 100th birthday. To celebrate our Brownies took the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge. Continue reading Read More
Well the Brownies are 100 years old, so we decided to celebrate with the rest of South Durham division. And so we did! Continue reading Read More
Big Brownie Birthday Challenge – 1917 You “Physical health – As a Six, choose and try a new adventurous activity – you could try orienteering, abseiling or a crate challenge. Or take part in team- building activities with your Six.”Read More
Big Brownie Birthday Challenge – 1968 You “Make or renew your promise in an unusual way. You could use sign language or another language, or write it on the beach in the sand or in the snow.”Read More
Big Brownie Birthday Challenge – 1981 You “Invite someone to your meeting to teach you a relaxing activity like yoga or hand, head or foot massage. Enjoy taking the time to relax and look after yourself.”Read More

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1968 World – Mexico

Big Brownie Birthday Challenge – 1968 World “Brownies are friendly. Join in a unit meeting where the girls are finding out about Guides in other countries. Organise a game or teach a song from the country and have a party to celebrate a local holiday or festival”Read More
Big Brownie Birthday Challenge – 1914 World “Girlguiding is part of a worldwide organisation called WAGGGS. Celebrate World Thinking Day and being part of ten million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 145 countries across the world.Read More

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