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This year's pack holiday has the theme of Beauty and the Beast (having watched the film as a pack a few weeks beforehand). Continue reading Read More

Posted On July 10, 2016By Brown OwlIn News, Pack Holidays

Blue Reef Sleepover (2016)

This year we decided to have a sleepover rather than a Pack Holiday. So rather than 2 nights away we had 1 night away, in an aquarium, with the monkeys and the fish. Continue reading Read More
Flower Power Pack Holiday
Friday 10th July 2015 It’s that time of year again, it’s the madness of Pack Holiday. Continue reading Read More
Flower decorations
Flower Power pictures. Continue reading Read More
In 2013 we had a pack holiday based around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Continue reading Read More
This year we based our pack holiday on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had a great time making lots of chocolate goodies. Continue reading Read More
In 2012 our pack holiday was Castaway, here is our diay of events. Continue reading Read More
This year we had a very exciting time. We had a visit from 'Thrills and Skills' who taught us bushcraft skills. Continue reading Read More
Here are the pictures from our Pack Holiday 2011 which was a Movie Star weekend with lots of glamour, glitz and partying. Continue reading Read More
In 2010 we had a Circus Pack Holiday, to be more specific it was 'BILLY TINKLER'S CIRCUS EXTRAVAGANZA'. Here is a diary of our fun packed weekend. Continue reading Read More

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