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Pack Holiday Kit List

Posted On April 24, 2013By Brown OwlIn News, Pack Holiday FAQ

Is there a Pack Holiday kit list?

The most common asked question when discussing pack holiday is - What do the Brownies need to take with them? We have a kit list which we have included here in PDF format so that you can print it off and use as a check list when packing. Continue reading Read More
Brownie Holiday

Posted On November 20, 2012By Brown OwlIn Pack Holiday FAQ

What are Pack Holidays?

Brownies (and the leaders) will tell you that they are among the best things about their time as Brownies. Continue reading Read More
Camp House

Posted On November 18, 2012By Brown OwlIn Pack Holiday FAQ

Is this camping?

We, as 2nd Sedgefield Brownies, never go camping (this can wait until Guides). We stay in a furnished hall/building. Continue reading Read More
In order to take girls on a Pack Holiday at least one leader must hold a Pack Holiday licence. Here at 2nd Sedgefield Brownies we have 3 leaders with Pack Holiday licenses. Continue reading Read More

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