Chocolate Challenge (2012)

We chose to take the Challenge set by Toftwood Brownies – the Chocolate Challenge.  We downloaded the pack (go to Toftwood Brownies to download your copy) and we decided to spend 3 weeks taking the challenge.

The challenge consists of 5 sections, each containing a selection of activities.  Brownies had to complete 8 activities with one from each section.  So we rose to the challenge.

Chocolate Challenge Week 1 – history and tasting

This week we learnt about the history of chocolate, we did some chocolate tasting and we designed our own ‘dream’ chocolate bar.

We placed fact sheets about chocolate around the room, split the girls into their sixes and gave each six a number of questions.  The answers were on the fact sheets around the room. Each girl took it in turn to  run around the room finding the answer to their question and report back to the six.  Once finished we sat in our circle to discuss the answers.

We tasted chocolate with different percentages of cocoa and decided which we liked the best.  We included very dark chocolate (high % of cocoa) down to white chocolate.  This created lots of discussion and the Brownies favourites covered the whole range of chocolates tasted.

Chocolate Challenge Week 2 – making chocolate treats

We made lots of different types of chocolate treats.  We made rocky roads, crispy cakes, chocolate lollies and chocolate truffles.  All worked really well with the truffles easily being the most messy.

(Please click on the photos to enlarge)

We also played Chocolate game based on Port and Starboard as recommended in the Chocolate Challenge pack. Here are the rules:

One player is the caller and the other players follow the instructions. Should a player
fail to complete the task or make a mistake, the player is out of the game or could do a forfeit. Here are the instructions:

Mars – all players run and stand to the right side of the room
Galaxy – all players run and stand to the left side of the room
Milkyway – all players run and stand at the top of the room
Magic Stars – all players run and stand at the bottom of the room
Penguin – all players waddle around the room like a penguin with their arms at their sides
Lion – all players walk around the room with hands up as claws and making roaring noises
Aero – all players run around the room with their arms out like aeroplanes
Kitkat – all players walk around on all fours, meowing like a cat
Wispa – all players put their index finger to their lips and say ‘ssshhhhhh’
Minstrels – all players pretend to play the flute or violin

Chocolate Challenge Week 3 – chocolate pamper

This was our final most messy night.  We decided it was time to pamper and we chose to pamper with chocolate!  We made chocolate lip gloss and we applied a chocolate face mask and lay down in our face masks for a relax.

(Please click on the photos to enlarge)

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