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Posted On April 26, 2015By RBSWebMasterIn

What are Brownie Sixes?

As a Brownie you are part of a small group called a Six. Your six will have a special name and a six badge. You will be given your six badge to sew on to your uniform. Most sixes have 6 Brownies (that is why they are called a Six). Sixers and Seconders A Six is led by an older Brownie called a Sixer, she is helped by another Brownie called a Seconder. All Sixers and Seconders are chosen as they are responsible, helpful and friendly. It is an achievementRead More

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What is the Brownie Story?

This is why a Brownie is called a Brownie… The cottage on the edge of the wood was in an awful mess. There were dishes to be washed, clothes to be ironed and toys scattered all over the floor. Tommy and Betty didn’t care. They hated boring old housework. “What I am going to do?” their mother sighed. “I can’t keep the cottage tidy. If only we had a Brownie!” “Whats a Brownie?” asked Tommy. “A Brownie is a magical little creature, which slips into houses very early before anyoneRead More

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What are the Brownie Promise and Law?

Why do Girlguiding members make a Promise? Our Promise links us to other Girlguiding members and the ten million people involved in guiding across the world. Although we may have different languages, cultures and beliefs, each member makes a commitment to do her best: to be an active citizen of her community and the wider world to help others – from a kind word to a neighbour to huge international campaigns to develop her spiritual side – whatever she believes or cares about, and to respect the beliefs of others. TheseRead More

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What happens at the Brownie Enrolment Ceremony?

You make your Promise After you have been attending for 4-6 weeks we will ask you to make your Promise at a special Promise Ceremony. This is when you will become a proper fully-fledged Brownie. Making your promise is a very special occasion and we welcome family and friends along to the ceremony. But it’s nothing to worry about! We wait for family/friends to arrive and then we all get into a big circle. You will stand inbetween you Sixer and Seconder in the circle. There are normally 3 orRead More

Posted On April 26, 2015By RBSWebMasterIn

I Want To Be A Brownie! What Happens Next?

The waiting list To become a Brownie you must have reached your 7th Birthday. We do have a waiting list so you will have to ask one of your parents/guardians to register your interest with the Girlguiding website (and select 2nd Sedgefield Brownies). Once we have a space, we will get in touch with your parent/guardian and invite you to come along to your first Brownie night. The first night So the first night is really a chance to come along and see if you think you will like Brownies.Read More

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