Healthy Eating

We decided to have a night about Healthy Eating so we ate healthy food and made pictures from vegetables.

Trying new food

Really simple, buy lots of ‘unusual’ fruit and get the Brownies to try it.  We bought the fruit and put into plastic containers and passed around the circle.  The Brownies were asked what the fruit was and if they liked it.  You may be surprised how many Brownies didn’t know what some of the fruit were and created lots and lots of discussion.

We bought blueberries, kiwi, sharon fruit, papaya, dragon fruit, pineapple and mango.  Basically anything that is out of the ordinary.

Making pictures from vegetables

We bought peppers, broccoli, mushroom, baby carrots, beans.  We asked the Brownies, in Sixes, to create pictures from the vegetables.  Here are the creations we made:

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