Healthy Heart Badge

This is how we achieved our Healthy Heart badges.

We learnt about the heart and we all found our own pulse (although some of us struggled to begin with). We learnt about healthy food and unhealthy food and we made some excellent posters showing these.

Here are our works of art:

Each six then made up a game which we all played and our hearts definitely beat faster. The games were:

Squirels – Dodge Ball

Six Brownies each have a ball. They try to throw their ball to hit one of the other Brownies. The rest of the Brownies run from one side of the room to the other without being hit by a ball. If hit then the Brownie is out.

Hedgehogs – Stuck in the mud with a difference

Like a regular game of stuck in the mud but once a Brownie is ticked and is ‘stuck’ another Brownie has to unstick the Brownie within 15 seconds or they are out.

Rabbits – Healthy Healthy Unhealthy

Like Duck Duck Goose except the wording is Healthy Healthy Unhealthy.

Moles – Human Football

Six Brownies hold hands in a long line, these are the ‘net’. The rest of the Brownies run from one side of the room to the other while the net tries to catch them.

Foxes – Blocker

Like stuck in the mud except the original Brownies who are on are acutally ‘blockers’ who then have to tick a Brownie who is then able, in turn, to tick another Brownie to make them ‘stuck’.

We learnt about asthma and what we can do to help someone who is suffering from an asthma attack. Quite a few of our Brownies have asthma and were aware of the different types of inhaler and when they were used and also how to help someone. We learnt about food allergies, the type of food that people can be allergic to and found that we had Brownies who were allergic to: milk, strawberries and even horses!

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