India (2015)

We decided to think about Brownies in India this year. We learnt a little bit about Sangam, one of the four world centres and we all decided we would like to go there, it looks beautiful.

We made our own henna patterns on our hands and feet (not physically our own hands and feet but we drew pictures).

We ate Indian food – poppadoms, bhaji and samosas.

We dressed up in a sari, see the fabulous picture below.

We played a game that Little Owl had found on the Sangam website called ‘Greetings’. We each had a description of a greeting from various parts of the world and we had to find our partner by performing the greetings to each other. We rubbed noses (Inuit), shook hands (Peru), raised eyebrows (Philippines, stuck out our tongues (Tibetan Tribes) and many more. It was great fun.

We made Guiding Lights from a marshmallow with a candy stick stuck in the top and sang ‘This Little Guiding Light of Mine’.

Happy Thinking Day everyone.

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