What is the Leaders Code of Conduct?

Code of ConductThe following is an extract from the GirlGuiding UK leaflet – ‘A Safe Space: Girlguiding UK’s Approach to Safeguarding’

As a volunteer within Guiding, it is expected that the volunteer will always:

  • respect everyone as an individual
  • provide a good example of acceptable behaviour
  • respect everyone’s right to privacy
  • show understanding when dealing with sensitive issues
  • adhere to the organisation’s policies, as stated in the Guiding Manual.

A volunteer must not:

  • permit abusive behaviour
  • have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others
  • jump to conclusions or make assumptions about others without checking facts
  • encourage inappropriate attention-seeking behaviour
  • show favouritism to anyone
  • make suggestive or inappropriate remarks or actions
  • deliberately place yourself or others in a compromising situation.

Further information can be found The Guiding Manual, in The Guiding Manual.

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