Who are the Leaders at 2nd Sedgefield Brownies?

GirlGuide LogoThe adults who run a Brownie Pack are called Leaders. They are unpaid volunteers who have completed Girlguiding UK training. They are usually helped by a team of other young women or adults, such as Assistant Leaders, Unit Helpers or local guides.

At 2nd Sedgefield Brownies we have a combination of Leaders.

Unit Leader  – Jo Tinkler (Brown Owl)

  • is responsible for running the unit
  • encourages all members to share in the decision-making of the unit
  • shares appropriate tasks with the Assistant Leader(s), Young Leader(s) and Unit Helper(s) to ensure the smooth running of the unit
  • holds a Leadership Qualification
  • Jo also holds a First Response qualification and a Pack Holiday Licence
  • Jo has been a Leader for over 25 years.

Assistant Leader – Jo Lazonby (Tawny Owl), Caroline Morrison (Little Owl), Elaine MacIntosh (Elf Owl)

  • is a member of the Leadership Team and supports the Unit Leader in running the unit
  • may also share tasks with other members of the team
  • holds a Leadership Qualification
  • Caroline and Elaine also hold Pack Holiday Licences
  • Jo is our resident cook for Pack Holiday, Caroline runs our website and accounts and Elaine prepares lots of our crafts
  • Jo has over 25 years experience
  • Jo is also the District Commissioner.

Young Leader – Gemma Hill

  • is a member of the Leadership Team
  • is usually aged between her 14th and 18th birthdays
  • is working towards her Young Leader Qualification
  • Gemma is working towards her Duke of Edinburgh award and is currently studying for her A Levels.

Unit Helpers – Eleanor Ducker (Barn Owl)

  • are women or men aged 18 and over
  • provide valuable support to the Leadership Team in a unit
  • are willing to support the aim of Girlguiding and to abide by its policies
  • carry out specific duties agreed with the Unit Leadership Team, but are not responsible for planning or carrying out the programme.
  • Eleanor came along as a helper when her daughter was a Brownie over 10 years ago and we haven’t let her go since.


Girlguiding UK recommends at least one adult for every eight girls.  2nd Sedgefield Brownies generally has between 24 and  28 Brownies and a regular team of 5 leaders/unit helpers and a Young Leader.

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