Odd Bod Party (2011)

Due to the weather before Christmas we chose to finish Brownies a week earlier than planned.  That meant that we couldn’t have a party, and therefore, we felt that a party was well overdue, so in February we held our Odd Bod Party.  Odd bod basically means you have to come wearing something odd (i.e. non-matching clothes).  And we did look spectacularly odd!

We had every combination of clothing, including:

  • jim-jams
  • wellies and shoes (on the same Brownie)
  • bikinis on the top of our clothes
  • clothes on inside out
  • clothes on back-to-front
  • one leg in leggings, one in a shirt
  • one pony tail curly, one straight
  • one little earring, one long earring

(and of course we had more than one of the above per Brownie).  We looked spectacularly odd!

We played lots of games, and most of them had a difference – for example, we played Fishes but we used shoe/welly/sandal instead of our usual fish names.

As a penalty for looking so odd, we also charged £1.  This donation went towards our chosen Charity of the term which was the orphanage in Lesotho (awareness of which had been raised to us by our unit helper who visited there in 2010).

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