Pack Holiday 2013 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Diary

In 2013 we had a pack holiday based around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Friday 19th July 2013

For the first time in over 5 years we have sunny weather for a pack holiday.  We normally have rain or, at the very least, cold weather. So we have packed suntan lotion and hats rather than waterproofs and wellies, in fact it could be slightly too hot.  And, for the first time in our brownie history we have chosen to go on our Pack Holiday on the last day of term.  We have yet to see if this is a good or bad decision but initial indications are that we will have some very excited girls.

Brownies arrive bang on time as usual, and choose their bunk beds, unpack their bags and are very excited indeed.  We have our ‘safety and rules’ chat and introduce the groups and duties.

Our groups are:

    • Wonka Bars
    • Everlasting Gobstoppers
    • Volcano Rocks

The Leaders are:

    • Jo T (Willy Wonka)
    • Jo L (Grandpa Joe)
    • Caroline (Mike Teavee)
    • Eleanor (Oompa Loompa)
    • Elaine (Charlie)
    • Lauren (Violet)
    • Megan (Veruca)

We are 19 Brownies in total with 7 leaders.

We start the Pack Holiday with a camp fire.  To be truthful it is a fire pit inside a metal lid but with it being so warm lately we thought this to be the most safe.  It works wonderfully and we drink hot soup and eat toasted marshmallows.  We introduce a new and totally fabulous way to eat the marshmallows – toasted and sandwiched between 2 digestive biscuits.  All Brownies try this and love them.  Mike Teavee in particular was very impressed.  We vow to do these every year from now on.

We sing camp fire songs and play a wide game of finding things that begin the letters WILLY WONKA.  ‘K’ was particularly hard.  We come in for hot chocolate or hot milk and introduced our teddy to the group.  Some wonderful stories from old, well loved teddies to brand new, sparkly teddies. Willy Wonka read some of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our bedtime story and then it is off to bed.  It is 10.30 pm and 19 Brownies are as excited as they were when they arrived.  By 12.00 it has finally gone quiet.

Saturday 20th July 2013

A very late night is followed by an early morning wake up of 6.00!  There are going to be some tired Brownies and Leaders later.  The day starts with the cooks up first to cook eggy bread, a Brownie favourite, with sausage and beans.  Duties completed and it’s off to play outside.

After a game of Hot Potato we go on a walk to enjoy the fine (but not so sunny) weather.  We walk to Whitworth Parish church discussing nettles, the merit of doc leaves and how we are prepared for any emergency.  Luckily no emergency happens and we enjoy some fresh air.

The first set of crafts.  We split into our groups with one group making edible wallpaper, one painting stones and one baking. Each group has a go at each and make some fabulous crafts.

  • Edible/lickable wallpaper – rice paper decorated with icing pens and sprinkles.
  • Decorated stones – pebbles painted with poster paints.
  • Baking – each group makes something different – sausage rolls, cheese and onion pies, scones, cup-cakes, chocolate brownies and profiteroles.

The girls were particularly good at baking with rolling out pastry and following recipes being great strengths, and something we should make parents aware of – there are some budding bakers in our midst.

Fish fingers, chips and peas are followed by a wide game to go and find our golden tickets which were hidden in and around the play area.  These are our tickets to the party later in the evening.

And rest hour follows. A well-deserved and well needed hour of taking it easy and eating sweets.  Brownies and leaders alike.

After we are totally rested we decorate the cup-cakes which we will eat after our party and then to our pamper.  We braid hair, apply home-made chocolate face masks, massage hand cream and attempt nail varnish with jewels.  This takes quite some time and we have a great girlie time.  Eleanor (a brownie) in particular becomes an expert at braiding hair and even has a waiting list. We then get changed into our party gear.

The party.  We play lots of games including Willy Wonka’s beetle drive, musical statues with forfeits and the hula hoop game.  We eat lots of party food including our fabulous cup-cakes.

The forfeits for the musical statutes are excellent and include:

  • performing a dance (Katie and Lucy with The Macarena)
  • saying the alphabet backwards (Millie)
  • saying a nursery rhyme (Anna)
  • singing a song (Emma)
  • saying a tongue twister (Rebecca)
  • hula hooping (Anna)
  • balancing on one leg (Eleanor)
  • writing your name with your left hand (Kate)
  • balancing a spoon on your nose (Jess)

Willy Wonka reads more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as we drank our milky drinks and then off to bed.  All Brownies asleep at the much more reasonable time of 9.30 pm.

Sunday 21st July 2013

Tired Brownies they must have been as wake up time this morning is 7.30 am. Breakfast today is pancakes with bacon and egg.  Duties all complete and we move to our Chocolate factory – chocolate lollies, honeycomb and truffles.

In between our chocolate making we pack our suitcases and sleeping bags.  Cue the usual mayhem of packing and attempting to squash sleeping bags into impossibly small sleeping bag bags! But, this year things go swimming well (apart from the mystery of the sleeping bag with no owner, which is eventually solved).

Lunch is the usual full Sunday dinner of roast chicken, roast potatoes, mash, carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.  Always a firm favourite and enjoyed by all, lots of whom have seconds.  On Pack Holiday we have lots of seconds. A great big thanks to Grandpa Joe for our wonderful food.

A quick play outside is followed by the presentation and awards.  Best brownie this year was a tricky decision between 2 Brownies, Eleanor and Jess.  Eleanor has been a pleasure to have, always polite, always enthusiastic, is friendly to everyone and a real example of a true Brownie.  Congratulations Eleanor.  Jess gets a special mention (and a small prize) for being an excited, enthusiastic, joy to be around.  As one of our youngest Jess just gets on and does a great job. Well done Jess.

Our best group is the Volcano Rocks who win by just 2 stickers. This is the closest run race we have had in a long time.  Well done to Anna, Millie, Emma, Amy, Katie and Grace.

Parents arrive and 19 tired and excited Brownies leave with crafts and goodies.  7 leaders leave to have an early night!

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