Pack Holiday 2015 – Flower Power – Diary

Friday 10th July 2015

It’s that time of year again, it’s the madness of Pack Holiday.

This year the Leaders are more organised than ever and manage to do all the shopping on the morning of pack holiday, so that’s 2 trolleys worth of food bought and in the fridge by 2.00pm – a new record in Leader organisation. Mustn’t forget the extra presents for best Brownie(s), oh and the insect repellent, oh and the cup cakes cases. The best laid plans. . .

This year the theme is Flower Power and so we cover Camp House in the most spectacular flowers created by Elaine. They look brilliant.

18 girls start to arrive around 6.00pm and are incredibly excited. It has been sports day for one of the schools so a large number of the girls are more excited than usual. This year we only have 2 Brownies who have previously been on a Pack Holiday, therefore lots of parents are invited by their Brownie to come and see the dormitory and help them settle in.

The weather is glorious and as it is a warm and sunny evening we go outside and sit in a big circle for our introduction chat and to discuss the fun we are going to have. We split the Brownies into their groups for the weekend. The groups are:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Harmony

Tea tonight is fish finger sandwiches followed by Angel Delight.

Jo takes a group to the kitchen to make rainbow fairy cakes while the remaining 2 groups start the first crafts of the weekend which are:

  • Key rings
  • Bracelets
  • Hair slides

made in bright colours, with lots of beads. We swap around so all 18 cakes are baked and ready for tomorrow’s party.

We have a final play outside as it is still warm and then into jim-jams and collect our teddys. We introduce our teddys to the pack and as usual they are a mix of old and scruffy and new and sparkly. A milky drink and bedtime story make the brownies relaxed and ready for bed. . . . or so we thought. To bed at 10.30 . . . still awake at 11.00 (including various trips to the loo throughout the night) . . . still awake at 12.00 . . . and finally to sleep at 1.00am. Is this the latest pack holiday night ever?

Saturday 11th July 2015

First Brownies heard at 5.00am and then again at 6.30am. An early start it is.

Cooks up first to make the pack holiday staple food of eggy bread, which is always a firm favourite. A successful breakfast is followed by duties – washing up, clearing tables, brushing floors and cleaning loos.

The crafts today are pebble painting and shoe designing. This proved to be our most successful craft of the weekend – white trainers and Sharpie pens with rubbing alcohol sprayed over the top.

We then had our wide game. Designed by Jo and completed in groups. Jo and Elaine hid clues around and about Camp House, some inside and some outside. Each clue had a task number and a photo of where the next clue was to be found. Once a group arrived at a clue they went to get the relevant numbered task from Jo. Once the task was complete the group were given a jigsaw piece and they could then follow the photo to the next clue. Once all the tasks were completed the group could make the jigsaw. The first to do this was the winner. Sounds simple but the tasks were sometimes harder than they first appeared. The tasks included:

  • Make a God’s Eye – by far the hardest of the lot
  • Wordsearch
  • Maze
  • Make a Scoobie to fit someone in the group
  • Tie a reef knot
  • Draw a sketch of our beautiful view
  • Quiz about the countries that make up the UK
  • Make a daisy chain that is long enough to go around your whole group
  • Anagrams of flower names
  • Make a plastic sunflower from a kit

This took a really long time and was great fun, especially with the weather being so lovely. Harmony were the eventual winners.

Lunch today was lasagne and garlic bread followed by cheesecake.

We had a quick play outside to run off our lunch and then it was rest hour – an hour dedicated to taking it easy, easting sweets and having some time out, for Brownies and Leaders alike.

Our next crafts were:

  • Cake decorating
  • Funky foam camper vans

And then preparation for the party. The theme was of course flower power so flower, peace sign, heart and star tattoos were the most popular activity, along with nail varnish and of course hair braiding. Then into our costumes for the evening.

The party was fabulous. Lots of great costumes, we looked wonderful. Lots of party food, including our rainbow cakes. Lots of party games, and dancing.

When we were all partied-out we got into jim-jams, had another bed-time story and milky drink and sang some Brownie songs – ‘Take a boy, take a girl’, ‘Little Green Frog’ and ‘My Ship Sailed From China’. Tonight all Brownies were in bed by 10.00pm and asleep by 10.10pm. Thank goodness.

Sunday 12th July 2015

It is truly amazing what a good nights sleep can do for a Brownie, and a Leader. Everyone feels bright and bubbly today.

Breakfast this morning is scrambled egg, bacon and pancakes. Duties follow and of course packing away our belongings. This is slightly more organised than usual, although we have no idea why. Even Caroline and Jo only have to pack away 5 sleeping bags into incredibly small stuff sacks rather than the usual 18.

Our final crafts of the weekend are:

  • Biscuit decorating
  • Coasters

Our lunch today is a Sunday roast courtesy of our wonderful cook – Jo. Sunday lunch with all the trimmings is eaten by all, including seconds and sometimes thirds too.

A final tidy and a quick play outside before the presentations.

The best group for the pack holiday is Love. Well done Love, you worked really hard this weekend.   And we’ve had so many great Best Brownies that we couldn’t decide on one so we went for two – Jasmine and Alice. You were always helpful, always smiling and a joy to have. There were a number of runners up and a special mention to Jess for excellent team leading skills.

Parents arrive, Brownies leave and Leaders go home for a well deserved rest.

A fabulous pack holiday, yet again.

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