Pack Holiday 2017 – Beauty and the Beast

This year’s pack holiday has the theme of Beauty and the Beast (having watched the film as a Pack a few weeks beforehand).

Friday 2nd June 2017

Guiders arrive first and set up before the girls arrive – all posters up (each room given a French name and posters created by the Brownies over the last couple of weeks at Brownies), craft room stocked, first aid room prepped and kitchen sorted.  We take a seat for a quick cuppa before 19 very excited girls arrive.

This year we have 3 groups: Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers; 6 guiders: Mrs Potts (Jo T), Chip (Caroline), Lumiere (Jo L), FiFi (Eleanor), Gogsworth (Beth) and Garderobe (Elaine).

The girls arrive and everyone settles in, chooses their bunk beds and we start with some crafts.  We have diaries to complete, bags to decorate (to take home all our wonderful crafts), rose snow globes to make and cupcakes to bake.

Then we go outside for a camp fire.  This year Camp House has a new camp fire pit so we make use of that and all sit around in a big circle.  We eat campfire jacket potatoes (direct from the tin foil which a lot of us are surprised to find we enjoy) and then we toast marshmallows for S’mores (toasted marshmallow squeezed between 2 chocolate digestive biscuits).  We have great fun running around in the woods and making dens before the light starts to dim and we go back inside for jimjams and hot chocolate.

We get ready for bed and take a big bag of wool upstairs so that we can all learn finger-knitting.  This is our weekend ‘if you have some spare time then do some finger knitting’ and it becomes a big hit.  We sit around knitting and drinking hot chocolate as we introduce our teddys to the Pack – some are very old and well-loved, some are new and equally well-loved, some are big and some are small and some have oddly massive eyes.

It’s bed-time at 10:00pm and the Brownies finally get to sleep about 11:30pm.  There’s going to be some tired Brownies tomorrow.

Saturday 3rd June 2017

The Brownies are awake nice and early at 6.00am! The excitement starts with Cooks up first to make our breakfast.  Unusually this year, as our resident cook Jo L is taking her Pack Holiday licence and is therefore ‘guider in charge’, Jo T and Beth make breakfast.  Jo T is very stressed about this, however it goes wonderfully well and we have perfect eggy bread and bacon.

After breakfast we have duties of washing up, clearing away, brushing floors and cleaning loos.  Then on to more crafts, this time it is bead tiaras (an awful lot harder than we thought) and making our own clocks.

Meanwhile Jo L and Beth set up the treasure hunt.  Each group is sent off to find the treasure with tasks to do along the way.  The tasks include making a beast out of natural material, making a daisy chain that fits around your group, finding how many natural things can fit into a matchbox and hunting for mini beasts.

Next it’s lunch and then off for a walk to Whitworth Park and to feed the deer.  The deer are very friendly and they soon eat all our food.  We walk back past the church and then take some time in the woods to look for the time capsule.  This has been set by a previous group and Brown Owl finds it hidden in the undergrowth.  Inside there are messages from the previous girls along with a picture and a teddy.

Then it is rest hour where we all have a chance to chill and eat sweets.

Then comes the next excitement – the party.  Everyone goes off to get ready and we all look wonderful.  The leaders are dressed as their character while the girls are all dressed in their best party outfits. We even get to celebrate a birthday too.  We play party games and eat party food until late into the evening, so late in fact that during a game of sleeping lions a couple of the girls actually fall asleep – we decide it’s time for hot chocolate and bed.  Tonight most of the girls are asleep by 10.00pm.

Sunday 4th June 2017

This morning breakfast is made by Jo L and normality returns to the cooking on our Pack Holiday.  It’s pancakes and everyone has at least one.  It is then time for making rose cake pops, decorating bags and the dreaded big tidy.  As with every year on Pack Holiday it is amazing how girls either can’t find their belongings or can’t fit them into the bag they came in.  Also, why do sleeping bags never fit into their bagW

Finally we replace the time capsule which we have filled with letters from our groups along with a photo of our Pack.  we think it’s very well hidden.


Once we are packed and ready to go we have our presentation.   This year we also had a special item added to our presentation and that was to  enrol two new Brownies, a great big welcome to Alice and Heidi.

The best group was the Candlestick Makers who worked really well as team and had lots and lots of stickers by the end.  We also had a best Brownie per group, these were Erin (Candlestick Makers), Lily (Bakers) and Emily (Butchers) and of course our best Brownie overall which was Charlotte.  Well done to all of you for your enthusiasm, friendliness and general fabulousness.

Parents arrive, Brownies leave and leaders go home for a well deserved rest.

A fabulous pack holiday, yet again.

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