Fire Station Visit (2017) / I Want To Be A Brownie! What Happens Next?

The waiting list

To become a Brownie you must have reached your 7th Birthday. We do have a waiting list so you will have to ask one of your parents/guardians to register your interest with the Girlguiding website (and select 2nd Sedgefield Brownies).

Once we have a space, we will get in touch with your parent/guardian and invite you to come along to your first Brownie night.

The first night

So the first night is really a chance to come along and see if you think you will like Brownies. If you do, and you return the following week, you will be assigned a six.

The first night is free and you don’t have to wear uniform – you need to decide if you like it first!

You will be given a ‘Bring on the Brownies’ book which tells you all you need to know about being a Brownie.  The book includes the words for the Brownie Promise and the Brownie Law.

The next few weeks

For the next few weeks you will join in everything we do in our Brownies.  You can work towards badges, join in with meeting activities, make crafts, play games, the lot.

At the same time you will learn what it is to be a Brownie, especially our Promise and Law and why these are important to us.  Once you’re ready and would like to be a ‘proper’ Brownie you will get enrolled.

Note: if you earn in a badge before you are enrolled you won’t be presented with the badge.  However don’t worry, we keep the badge and once you are enrolled you will get it.

Making Your Promise – The Enrollment Ceremony

After you have been attending for a few weeks (normally 4 or 6) we will ask you to make you Promise at a special Enrolment Ceremony.

For more information see our Enrolment Ceremony FAQ.

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