Fire Station Visit (2017) / Shrove Tuesday – Lent – Mardi Gras

On March 7th 2011 we had a night on Shrove Tuesday and all things related to it.

We started with a discussion in our circle around Shrove Tuesday, what it means, why we celebrate it (including Lent) and other celebrations that take place on the same day (Mardi Gras and the Sedgefield Ball Game).

You can download the kind of things we discussed here (opens a PDF).

We then had a game of filling in the blanks for ‘Lent – The Story of Jesus in the Desert’.  Little Owl read out the story and each six had a set of words.  When Little Owl got to a ‘blank’ each six ran to her with the right word to fill the blank.

You can download the story and the words here (opens a PDF).

Then we made masks for Mardi Gras.  We coloured in the larger of the masks on the sheet and then cut the mask out.  We added feathers and a lolly pop stick to hold the mask with.

You can download the templates for the masks here (opens a PDF)

Then followed the Pancake race.  We bought ready made pancakes and the leaders brought in frying pans.  Each six had a pancake and a pan.  Each six lined up and the first person had to run with the pancake, flip it and then return to her six, the next person then took the pan.  The first six to have everyone run (and flip) were the winners.  We loved this so much we played it twice, and then ate pancakes – new ones, not the ones we had just raced with!

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