Fire Station Visit (2017) / What are Brownie Sixes?

As a Brownie you are part of a small group called a Six. Your six will have a special name and a six badge. You will be given your six badge to sew on to your uniform.

Most sixes have 6 Brownies (that is why they are called a Six).

Sixers and Seconders

A Six is led by an older Brownie called a Sixer, she is helped by another Brownie called a Seconder. All Sixers and Seconders are chosen as they are responsible, helpful and friendly. It is an achievement to become a Sixer or a Seconder and these Brownies are presented with metal badges to wear on their uniforms.

What sixes do we have?

2nd Sedgefield Brownies has 4 Sixes, these are:

Hedgehog Squirrel

Rabbit Fox

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