Fire Station Visit (2017) / What happens at the Brownie Enrolment Ceremony?

You make your Promise

After you have been attending for 4-6 weeks we will ask you to make your Promise at a special Promise Ceremony. This is when you will become a proper fully-fledged Brownie.

Making your promise is a very special occasion and we welcome family and friends along to the ceremony. But it’s nothing to worry about!

We wait for family/friends to arrive and then we all get into a big circle. You will stand inbetween you Sixer and Seconder in the circle.

There are normally 3 or 4 Brownies to enroll at the same time. When it’s your turn, you will walk to Brown Owl with your Sixer and Seconder either side of you, making an arch.

As you walk, they say ‘This is <your name> and she wishes to become a member of 2nd Sedgefield Brownies’. They then return to the circle.

Brown Owl will ask you to say your Brownie Promise and explain that once you have made your Promise you must keep it every day.

Brown Owl then pins your new Brownie Promise badge onto your unifrom. While she is doing this she will also ask you what your favourite thing is at Brownies – so have a think of the thing you enjoy the most, our usual answer is ‘making things’ or ‘playing games’.

She will then ask you to say your Brownie Law.

Brown Owl will give you a certificate to put on your bedroom wall and a brownie bag with your certificate and badge book inside.

You then turn to face the Pack, Brown Owl says “Pack Salute” and you and the whole Pack salutes.

You then return to your place in the circle.

Easy peasy!

You will then be a fully fledged BROWNIE!!



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