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Posted On November 9, 2015By Brown OwlIn Badges, News

Science Investigator Badge (2015)

We completed our Science Investigator badge over 2 nights. Continue reading Read More

Posted On September 15, 2014By Brown OwlIn Badges, News

Cyclist Badge

This term we decided to do our Cyclist Badge. We have never completed this as a Pack before so we thought we would give it a try. Continue reading Read More

Posted On November 1, 2012By Brown OwlIn Challenges, News

Chocolate Challenge (2012)

We chose to take the Challenge set by Toftwood Brownies – the Chocolate Challenge.  We downloaded the pack (go to Toftwood Brownies to download your copy) and we decided to spend 3 weeks taking the challenge. The challenge consists of 5 sections, each containing a selection of activities.  Brownies had to complete 8 activities with one from each section.  So we rose to the challenge. Chocolate Challenge Week 1 – history and tasting This week we learnt about the history of chocolate, we did some chocolate tasting and we designedRead More
royal wedding commemorative badge

Posted On April 29, 2011By RBSWebMasterIn Challenges

The Royal Wedding Challenge (2011)

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place on April 29th 2011. To commemorate this event, a badge has been designed along with a set of activities relating to marrriage, weddings and the Royal family. We decided to take the challenge! To begin with we made a card to send to the happy couple which we all signed.   We also designed our very own stamps. Here are just a few examples of our fabulous artwork. We also did a Royal Word Search and played lots of games.Read More
Healthy Heart Badge

Posted On February 7, 2011By RBSWebMasterIn Badges

Healthy Heart Badge

We completed our Healthy Heart badges in February 2011 and this is how we did it. Continue reading Read More

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