Teddy Bear Picnic Challenge (2014)

Teddy Bear's Picnic Challenge2nd Moss Edge Rangers have set a Teddy Bear Picnic Challenge to help them raise funds for their unit.  It involves Rik Bear, their mascot and travelling companion.

We took the challenge over a couple of weeks and this is what we got up to.

Week 1

In our first week we made some teddy bear bunting  and we did a blind taste of pom-bears.  We also took a particularly tricky teddy bear quiz written by Little Owl.

A copy of the quiz can be found here.

Week 2

We bought along our teddys to enjoy the evening.  We all sat in our circle and introduced our teddys to the pack, we have an interesting bunch of teddys!  We made teddy bear cakes, we played lots of games and had a teddy bear picnic.

Click photos to enlarge.

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