What is the Brownie Story?

This is why a Brownie is called a Brownie…

Brownie Story 1

The cottage on the edge of the wood was in an awful mess. There were dishes to be washed, clothes to be ironed and toys scattered all over the floor. Tommy and Betty didn’t care. They hated boring old housework. “What I am going to do?” their mother sighed. “I can’t keep the cottage tidy. If only we had a Brownie!”

“Whats a Brownie?” asked Tommy. “A Brownie is a magical little creature, which slips into houses very early before anyone is awake. It tidies toys, irons clothes, washes dishes and does all sorts of helpful things in secret,” replied his mother.

“That’s great! How can we get one?” wondered Betty. “The Wise Owl in the wood would know I suppose,” her mother said.

Late that night, Tommy and Betty crept out of the cottage into the wood. It was   Brownie Story 2
cold and dark and full of shadows. Or were they ghosts? “We can’t go back.
We’ve got to find the Wise Owl,” said Betty firmly. “Twitt twoo. How do you do?”
a voice hooted at them from a nearby tree. “The Wise Owl!” Tommy hugged
Betty in relief.

And soon the children were seated on a branch snuggling close to the big bird’s feathers. They explained they were looking for a Brownie. “Do you know where we could find one?” asked Betty. “Indeed I do hooted the Owl, and

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