What are Pack Holidays?

Pack Holidays are the most wonderful fun

Brownies (and the leaders alike) will tell you that Pack Holidays are among the best things about their time as Brownies.  

The slightly serious bit

They offer opportunities not only for learning and having fun but also for developing skills like teamwork, leadership and independent living. It gives the leaders chance to get to know the Brownies better in a fun environment.

The fun bit

They are a fun packed weekend away with Brownie friends.  No parents are allowed (unless you are a helper) and no brothers or sisters either (unless your sister is also a Brownie).

How long are they?

We take our Brownies away for 2 nights over a weekend.  We generally leave on a Friday night (sometime after school) and then return on the Sunday afternoon (sometime after Sunday lunch). We do one Pack Holiday a year, normally in May, June or July.

The Theme

We have a theme for the weekend.  This theme is used for the decorations, the crafts and the Saturday night party.

The Party

Every Pack Holiday involves a party.  We ask the Brownies to bring party-wear with them for this night which will either be fancy dress or posh party frocks.  We’ll let you know nearer the time.

Kit List

There is a kit list which will be given to all parents during the parents meeting.  You can also find a list on this website, click here.

Parents Meeting

A few weeks before the Pack Holiday we hold a parents meeting.  This will be at the end of one of our usual Brownie meetings and is a chance for parents to hear all about what we will be up to and a chance for us to answer any questions.  We also give out forms which must be completed by a parent prior to attending the Pack Holiday.


We cook all our food on  Pack Holiday and we expect the Brownies to help out too.  So Brownies will be preparing and serving everything from eggy bread, sausages to a full Sunday roast.

We ask if Brownies have any special dietary requirements and can always accommodate these.

Home Sickness

Sometimes this is the first time that a Brownie has been away from her parents for a night away.  We are well aware of this and this is never a problem, the Brownies are normally far too excited.  We will call home if a Brownie is upset and wishes to speak to her parent, however this rarely happens, we’ve only had to do this once or twice in over 25 years of Pack Holidays.


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