What qualifications are needed to take a Pack Holiday?

Pack Holiday Licence

In order to take girls on a Pack Holiday at least one leader must hold a Pack Holiday licence, also known as the Going Away licence.  Here at 2nd Sedgefield Brownies we have 4 (nearly 5) leaders with Pack Holiday licenses.

To hold this licence the leader must also have completed their Leadership Qualification and hold an active role as a leader or commissioner.  For our pack, Brown Owl (Jo Tinker), Little Owl (Caroline Morrison), Tawny Owl (Jo Lazenby) and Elf Owl (Elaine MacIntosh) all have licences.

First Aid

We always take a qualified First Aider. At 2nd Sedgefield Brownies we have two qualified First Aiders who hold these qualifications as part of their job (a nurse and a teaching assistant) and also three other leaders hold the First Response First Aid qualification.

We also need a qualified cook. This is Tawny Owl (Jo Lazonby) and she cooks all our food for the weekend.

We are indeed a well qualified unit!

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