Wide Game – Flower Power

The finished Gods EyeWe used this during our Flower Power Pack Holiday in 2015.

How to Play

Working in groups, we had 3 groups of 6 Brownies each.

There were clues hidden around and about Camp House, some inside and some outside. Each clue had a photo of where the next clue was to be found and a task number. Once a group arrived at a clue they were given the relevant numbered task. Once the task was complete the group were given a jigsaw piece and they could follow the photo to the next clue. Once all the tasks were completed the group could make the jigsaw. The first to do this was the winner.


10 clues:

  • Each clue to show a photograph of where the next clue is hidden. Further preparation needed to visit the location and take the photographs beforehand, however you could use a description. Photographs were just nice for a change.
  • Each clue to have a task number.
  • We used brown luggage labels which made it easy to attach the clues, using the string, at each location.

10 tasks, our tasks included:

  • Make a God’s Eye:
    • Need:
      • knitting wool per group
      • 2 sticks per group.
    • Make sure you know how to make these first! Click here for instructions. We printed out the instructions and gave to the Brownies.
    • this was by far the hardest and took the longest, but did allow the girls to sit and work as a team.
  • Word Search
  • Maze
  • Make a friendship bracelet to fit a Brownie in your group
    • Need:
      • thread, we gave 3 strands of different colours and asked the group to plait the strands
  • Tie a reef knot
    • Need:
      • string
  • Draw a sketch of our beautiful view
    • Need:
      • paper
      • pencil, per group member
  • Quiz about the countries that make up Great Britain
    • Our quiz was to match up the flag, national flower and Saint for each country, click here for a printable version.
  • Make a daisy chain that is long enough to go around your whole group
  • Anagrams of flower names
  • Make a plastic sunflower from a kit
    • We bought a kit which made a sunflower.



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