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Hello and Welcome to the 2nd Sedgefield Brownies!

Flower Power pack

Flower Power Pack Holiday

We have been going for over 41 years. We are based in Sedgefield, County Durham. We have the most fantastic fun and the odd adventure too!

We are aged between 7 and 10 years old and we are a member of Girlguiding which is the leading charity for women and young girls in the UK. Girlguiding has travelled all over the globe with over 10 million members worldwide, in 150 countries.  In the UK we have more than 400,000 members! That’s 400,000 girls and young women learning new skills, growing in confidence, making lifelong friendships, helping their communities and having lots of fun.

We’re girls only. That means girls feel free to be themselves and we simply play the games or do the activities they enjoy the most.  We give girls somewhere they can talk openly about what affects their daily lives and get support from other girls like them.

We make a special ‘Brownie Promise’, our motto is to ‘Lend A Hand’ and you will always find us doing a ‘Good Turn’ – just ask our parents!

The team

Some of the team

We meet once a week and we have fun. We take part in indoor and outdoor activities, we play games, make things and enjoy fun activities. We have special nights when we have parties (fancy dress, witches and wizards, odd bod); we visit different places (planetarium, fire station, ice-skating); and we invite people to come and talk to us (first aiders, charity workers, other community groups).

And once a year we go on a holiday, a Pack Holiday!

We hope you like our website. It is packed with information about the kind of things we have been doing and also what we will be getting up to over the next few weeks.

Explore our website and learn all about 2nd Sedgefield Brownies.

Want your daughter to join us?

Click here to register your daughter.  Choose ‘2nd Sedgefield Brownies’ as your chosen unit and once a place becomes available we will contact you.

Do you have more questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section here.

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