Is there a Pack Holiday kit list?

Even our Leaders need a kit list

Here is the list and the extra information you may need.

Click Pack Holiday Kit List for a printable kit list.

Don’t forget

A few things to remember when packing for pack holiday:

  • Tick the first column as you pack at home to say that the item has been packed. Then pack the form in the bag. Your Brownie can then use the form when she is repacking to come home.
  • Please label all items.
  • Bag – please make sure the bag is big enough to get everything in, but isn’t too big for your Brownie to carry.
  • We expect all Brownies to repack their own bags when preparing to come home. Therefore it is important that both Brownie and parent/guardian are involved in the initial bag packing. That way she will remember what was in the bag in the first place. (We will help out of course so don’t worry).
  • Your Brownie will need to travel to and from pack holiday in full uniform. Also, if we go on any trips during the holiday, uniform will be worn.
  • Please DO remember a waterproof coat and wellies (or walking boots, i.e. footwear that can get wet) as we will spend some of the weekend outside, probably for a walk, and we may get wet.
  • Please ensure that slippers are sensible slippers – no animal shapes or anything that your Brownie may trip over.
  • On the first night we introduce our teddy to rest of the Brownies so a good teddy with a good story would be great. We have everything from brand new, to old and scruffy (well loved).
  • Your Brownie will be expected to help with the washing up and help with the cooking so will need a tea towel and an apron.

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